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headshotLorin Partain is the General Manager and Primary Photographer for Eyesometry. He specializes in destination wedding photography with a photojournalist style.

Lorin’s photography and business experience dates back to 1994 when he was employed with one of the earliest internet companies creating digital catalogs for disc and for the web. He worked digitizing film images using scanning techniques at a time when there was little digital images to be found.

Lorin is married to the love of his life Irene, and is a very lucky father to Katelyn (6) and Spencer (4). Before meeting his wife Lorin was diagnosed in 1998 with final stage Hodgkins Lymphoma, a blood cancer, and he was given long odds. His experience with cancer, his subsequent recovery, finding a great girl and having a family has inspired in Lorin the importance of moments spent together with our loved ones.

Lorin’s photography style reflects these priorities, and is heavily centered on photojournalism. If you prefer a photographer who will blend in, remain unobtrusive, and capture real moments and memories as they unfold without directing, then Lorin is perfect. That is his specialty, and where he is the most comfortable, and how he captures timeless moments for his clients.

Lorin is a member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association, has photographed over one hundred weddings and engagements from California to New York for David’s Bridal Photography, Bella Pictures, Beloved, the Pros, George Street Photography and of course for his own company Eyesometry. His work has been published in Sacramento Bride and Groom Magazine, and he has been featured on The Heart Bandits and SnapKnot blogs.


headshot Irene Partain is Manager of Customer Service for Eyesometry. She specializes in customer service, sales and marketing.

Irene attained her experience in customer service, sales and marketing through her years of training employees in these skills in the telecommunications industry. While she was working in this industry she acquired her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, with an emphasis in marketing.

While away from work Irene is a busy mother of two, Katelyn (6) and Spencer (4). She is married to her best friend and love of her life, Lorin. In her spare time Irene enjoys staying healthy by running 5ks and half marathons every year.

Irene works closely with Eyesometry’s partner vendors to showcase their work and partner together to provide clients with the best overall experience on their special day. Irene’s focus is to ensure the best in customer satisfaction. Irene provides a single point of contact for our partner vendors and clients when they have questions, feedback or concerns. Irene has made it her focus to ensure the best quality service to our partners and clients.

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