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The Discerning Bride

Recently we have turned a corner at Eyesometry. We have significantly raised our pricing. I want to take some time to explain why, as I think the prospective client should understand our reasons. We have had the wonderful privilege of shooting weddings for some wonderful couples, and have been lucky to shoot in some amazing
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Why Wedding Photojournalism

A couple of things happened recently that caused me to think that I should write this blog post. A post I never really wanted to write. I recently caught up with someone who brought back a whole flood of memories. The second is I recently talked with someone we are working on web stuff with
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What Every Bride Should Know About Wedding Photojournalism: The Capture

I started this informational series on wedding photography with an introduction and now I would like to start digging a bit deeper into each of the categories of wedding photography that I laid out before and put more meat on the bones so to speak. Just as a refresher there are several things that I
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Snapknot Blog Feature

Eyesometry’s founder and primary photographer, Lorin Partain, has been featured on the Snapknot blog. Check It Out.

We have joined the WPJA

Well it’s official. Eyesometry’s founder and primary photographer was accepted and has joined the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). It is an honor to be associated with some of the very best in this genre of photography.Look for our contest entries and hopefully winning images in the future. Also here is the link to Lorin’s profile
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Eyesometry invited to join the Wedding Photojournalist Association

As you may or may not know there are a lot of associations out there for wedding photographers, but only one for wedding photojournalists, the Wedding Photojournalist Association. Many associations are very simply pay your dues and your in type of affairs. The Wedding Photojournalist Association has some very strict guidelines about who to allow
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Joellen Pope – Wedding Planner Interview

I was recently interviewed by The Heart Bandits on their blog. That experience gave me the idea of featuring vendors that we work with on our new blog in order that you can get a more informed idea of who we and they are. I hope you enjoy this the first of these blog interviews
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We Shoot Proposals

Here at Eyesometry we had a vision to shoot proposals for a few years now. The concept started when we decided that we wanted to be able to capture the entire wedding story for people. Most photographers start there work on t he day of the wedding, but the wedding story begins at the proposal.
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New Toll Free Number

We are very happy to announce our new toll free number for clients and those who are inquiring about our services to use to reach us. (855) ISO-MTRY is our new vanity number for easy memory. Feel free to give us a call at this number if you are a current client or someone who
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The Heart Bandits Proposal Planners Interview

Recently I had the opportunity to interact with Michele Velazquez, who is a proposal planner with her company The Heart Bandits. As I have been working towards shooting more proposals I found what she does very interesting. Here is my short interview.   Q. So you are a Proposal Planner.  What exactly do you do? A.
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